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Gibson Tenor Guitars

In 1894 in Kalamazoo Michigan, amateur luthier Orville Gibson started building the first ever carved top mandolins and archop guitars. The "Gibson Mandolin - Guitar Co., Ltd" was incorporated on October 11, 1902, and over its 100+ year history Gibson has developed numerous technical innovations that make guitars what they are today, and manufactured some of the most famous guitars ever produced, including the jumbo sized J-200 favored by country players, and solid electric classic, the Les Paul.

Gibson first introduced tenor guitars into its line in the late 1920s, and any guitar model was available in a tenor version by special order.

Flat Tops

TG1 Gibson Tenor Guitar


PG0_1930 Gibson Tenor Guitar


TG0_1928 Gibson Tenor Guitar


TG25 Gibson Tenor Guitar


TG25N_1966 Gibson Tenor Guitar


TG-1 (1927-40) sunburst finish standard; bridge had extra pin; plectrum version, PG-1 available (1928-38), some PG-1's omit extra pin.

TG-0 (1927-33) all mahogany, banjo style pegs.

TG-0 reissued (1960-74), Kluson style tuners, same body as LG-0 model

TG-00 (1932-43) black finish, sunburst standard by 1933 (black still available); plectrum version, PG-1, available (1932-37).

TG-25 (1962-71) tenor version of B-25, spruce top, sunburst or natural finish (TG-25N).

Arch Tops and Electric Arch Tops

TG50_1948 Gibson Tenor Guitar

TG-7 (1934-40) tenor version of L-7, sunburst finish standard.

TG-50 (1934-58) tenor version of L-50, dark mahogany sunburst finish, round hole (some may have f-holes).

EST-150 (1937-42), tenor version of ES-150, renamed ETG-150 in 1940, Charlie Christian pickup, sunburst finish; production was stopped for WWII.

ETG-150 (1946-71) production resumed after WWII, electric version of TG-50, P-90 pickup (there's at least one with two P-90's), sunburst finish.

gibson ebanjo and amp



ETB, electric tenor banjo (1939-43, about 36 made), flat maple top, circular body, Screwed-on back, Charlie Christian pickup, sunburst finish, banjo type bridge. Plectrum (EPB) and 5-string (ERB) versions also available.

Special Order Instruments

SG Gibson Tenor Guitar


JT35T_1938 Gibson Tenor Guitar


KTG_1931 Gibson Tenor Guitar

Tenor and Plectrum necks were available on any of Gibson's standard 6-string models by special order. The most interesting of these may be the rare electric models, both solidbody and thinline archtops.


The solidbodies are mostly SG's and Les Pauls, and at least one double rounded cutaway plectrum model, as well as a doubleneck tenor guitar/8-string mandolin.


The links below will take you to detailed information and photographs of other tenor guitars through the ages.


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