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Chords and Songs

Many years ago I took guitar lessons. Later on I gave guitar lessons. There are many approaches to getting to the same end result. I believe the best way to learn chords is to learn songs. This is why I have written out a few songs and some basic chord patterns for you to play and enjoy. If you are having fun, and that joyful feeling is coming out of your instrument....then you are making have fun!


Here are some chords and tunes based on the standard tenor guitar tuning, CGDA. (For more information on tunings and string gauges click here.)

Basic Chord Patterns

Moon River
House of the Risinig Sun
Blues in C

Mark Jacobs

Tenor Guitar Blank Chord Charts

Here's something every tenor guitar player needs! Print this page of blank chord charts and keep track of that cool chord you've just stumbled upon......or write out chord changes to that favorite song! Courtesy of "The Five Tenors".

Blank Chord Charts

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