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Patrick Reinhart

I was seventeen as of Elvis' birthday 2001. I was born in Denver, Colorado and have been going to the Denver Waldorf School. There I started playing a few different instruments, simply because it was required. These included the lyre, soprano recorder, and finally the cello. 

The two basic choices in orchestra was between the cello and violin. The violin, needless to say, was by far the more popular, which is why I chose the cello. My brother John however, had chosen the violin two years before. From there, he started taking lessons from Texas fiddler Chris Daring. I grew tired of the cello and quit after eighth grade, but I still wanted to play music!

The answer came to me after going to many fiddle contests. I would start playing guitar! Then I could back-up my brother. But a standard guitar is too common, so I would start playing the Tenor.

Patrick Reinhart

For my twelfth birthday, I got a cheap baritone uke that could double as a Tenor until we could find one. Chris Daring's son, Noel, also plays Tenor so I took lessons from him and have become a competent back-up for Texas fiddle music. Since then, I have acquired a sturdy Kay tenor, and a Harmony bought for $100 off Ebay. Amazingly enough, there are occasionally some good tenors that one can find there!

My involvement in this project began when I suggested that some of us in the Tenor Guitar Registry should start a website. I was informed that one had already started, so I was recruited onto the team because of my previous web building skills. I almost got to do my school's site as well, but things didn't work out. I have done Swing Thai's web site, and a compendium of lyrics from the folk group from England, Steeleye Span.

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