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Tom Molyneaux

I first became aware of tenor guitars in the late 1960s when my brother found an article in the World Book Encyclopedia that explained standard tuning and pictured a young man playing one. We were immediately interested, since both of played the violin, mandolin and eventually the viola. It was 20 years before either of us actually saw one: a 1961 Gibson TG-0 that I still own and play.

In the early 1990s I switched my focus from electric bass to electric tenor guitar. My main tenors include a 1961 Gibson SG/Les Paul Jr., a 1987 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Jr., and a 1954 Gretsch Duo Jet.

My main instrument is a custom 5 string Earnest Instruments Tenorcaster with an added low F string, shown on the right in the picture at:

Tom Molyneaux

My band is called Spudgasket. Check us out at:

Several years ago I registered the domain name. A short time later Steve Pyott contacted me (looking for tenor guitars, of course!). Steve introduced me to Mark Josephs, founder of the Tenor Guitar Registry on Yahoo Groups. That’s where the “5 Tenors” met, including Tom Vincent and Pat Reinhart, who designed the original sites.

Welcome to!

Tom Molyneaux

Click below for the other members of the Five Tenors

Mark Josephs
Steven Pyott
Patrick Reinhart
Tom Vincent

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